• Image of Westering Handplanes - The Sea Devil


*12 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches
*Repurposed FSC certified redwood
*Crescent moon bat tail
*Repurposed FSC certified redwood
*Fully adjustable velcro & neoprene strap created in conjunction with Neon Wetsuits - upcycling their off-cuts
*Customisable strap colour 1-9 as shown in image key opposite. Select your colour (1-9) in options below
* A deep concave releases into the crescent moon tail offering more bite on clean, steep faces making this the ideal ride for bigger days.
*The compact size means the plane is a help rather than a hinderance when paddling out in bigger surf

(Model featured finished in midnight blue ink and varnish + £10)


Westering Handplanes was born out of a love of bodysurfing - it's what we do year round when the waves are big or small, in the sunshine or the rain. We've spent time refining our designs - our rails, tails, concaves and handles, with plenty of road testing along the way, to create a range a models that we love to surf...

Our handplanes are handcrafted in our workshop in Cornwall from FSC redwood - it's built to last and has a long tradition in surfboard construction. Due to the nature of wood, it also means each plane is as individual as the person who rides it.

They are lovingly oiled with 3 coats of linseed before being air-dried in the rafters of a drafty Cornish cottage to attain the perfect all-weather seasoning.

We try to tread lightly so our adjustable hand-screened strap incorporates upcycled neoprene offcuts from our friends at Neon Wetsuits, their supersoft 2mm neoprene also makes the straps incredibly comfortable. The robust Velcro system means the straps are fully adjustable and comfortable to all hand shapes sizes - keeping you bodysurfing throughout the seasons even in the coldest winter months when wetsuit gloves are an essential.

Whatever your boardriding persuasion, a handplane is a must-have for your quiver - keep one in the boot of your car and you'll never be caught out. They are super fun and can translate even the smallest day into overhead perfection plus you can quickly ratchet up some serious barrel time.

The perfect gift for the surfer who has everything.